Important Components of Web Design

Usually, when a business owner hires a professional to build their website, it is because they do not have the knowledge to do this themselves. This means having to create a trust relationship between the site owner and the web designer. There can undoubtedly be some challenges that come with this. The business owner has the desire to get their site up as fast as possible. They also have some specific ideas which they want to implement into the site. These are not always good ideas. The web designer is now under pressure to get the site built quickly. Also, to get the client to understand why some of their ideas may be detrimental to the success of the website.

The Importance of the Web Design

The web designer knows how important the design is. These professionals will work hard at making sure that every component needed to make the website function at its best are built into the site. There are many of these. An excellent example of one element is the site guide, which is beneficial for a couple of reasons. It acts as a convenience for the visitors to be able to find something specific they are looking for on a large site. It also serves as a guide for the search engines, when they are crawling the site to see what needs to be indexed.

Components of a Web Design

Certain elements have to be built into web design. The site owner is probably not aware of many of these.

  • The Colour: This is one of the standard components that the site owner will be keenly interested in. They will have specific colours in mind. The web designer has to be sure that the site owner understands how the colours are going to be necessary for the brand. They need to be compatible with the other types of media which the business owner is using, including the colours used in their print materials and signage.
  • White Space: A site owner will be so enthusiastic about their site and especially their home page. They will tend to want every inch of space used. The web designer has to educate them on the importance of white space. It doesn’t take long before a home page can become overwhelming, and when it does, it starts to affect the user experience negatively.
  • Call to Actions: It used to be that these were more of a concern for the site owner, rather than the web designer. However, modern-day web designers have started to focus more on the content of the site. This is because it has a direct impact on the work of the web designer. All too often, if a site was failing, the blame was put on the designer and not the content. Now, professional designers are paying more attention to the content and giving advice where needed to the site owner. Call to actions are extremely important. Not only in content, but how they are laid out and where they appear on the site, which is the designer’s responsibility.
  • Coding: This is one area where the client will not have much direct input. They don’t understand the computer language that has to be written which makes the site function. But, the owner may have demands for the site that are going to require specific coding to make it work.